"It's no fun getting sued, but at least I was smart enough to hire Mick Meagher.  Mick didn't merely prevail during each of the five lawsuits, although he did prevail.  But Mick's style of representation allowed me peace of mind during the process of litigating Five separate cases.  Mick's an old school lawyer.  He treats the law as a profession, which means his client are comfortable because they're well informed during all phases of the process.  That Mick's funny however is an added bonus." - B.R.

"We were being tortured by one particular creditor who had turned our account over to a law firm in another state. There were some days they called every few minutes for what seemed like hours. They even called my bank. Finally, in desperation, I contacted M. David Meagher, not knowing what could be done to help us through this situation. Mr. Meagher not only got them to stop calling, he got them to pay us for breaking the law and violating our rights. Allowing Mr. Meagher to handle our case was what I should have done months before desperation drove me to seek his counsel. He completely, thoroughly and almost instantly solved our problem with a very out of control situation. Thank you, Mr. Meagher for saving my job and saving our family." - A grateful client

Mr. Meagher has been our corporate attorney for the past two years. During this time he has consistently given us sound advice and has always tried to cover all bases in our contracts. I admire his strong ethics and non-litigious approach to practicing law. - A.P.

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